Oriman Survey Pioneer in Technical Surveys



Land / Topographic Surveys

Topographical surveys are surveys that show all the physical features of a tract of land. They can also have contouring shown.
Irrigation Services

ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES has surveyed and designed irrigation projects ranging in size from 5 hectares to 5,000 hectares.
Railway Track Installation

Supply of survey teams for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation .we are conducting engineering survey for traversing by total station, bench mark fixing.
Route Survey for Pipe Line

By employing an integrated desktop study approach, ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES identifies potential route problems before getting near the water.

Tunnel Survey

Tunnel construction sites are often vast. Apart from a competent technical execution of our work, experience, anticipation and factors often not valued as important.

Cadastral Services

ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES have been established as Registered Surveyors in Orissa for 14 years.

Road Survey

Roads can be surveyed to determine the condition of the pavement sub layers and the location of any potentially dangerous voids.

Construction Set Out

The first stage of any major project is to mark it out on site. ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES has the proven ability to get things off to a good start.

Infrastructure Development Works

Projects delivered by ORIMAN support the objectives of expanding access to infrastructure services, reducing their cost and improving the quality of service.

3D monitoring

We scan all types of large scale objects such as normal buildings, heritage sites (including but not limited to historic buildings), industrial sites and mine workings.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey

The Detector Duo is a dual frequency GPR for real time onsite detection of buried metallic and non metallic pipes and cables.


signed irrigation projects